Inspired by the ethos of Service Security & Brotherhood, this Academy is shaping the future leaders of the great force, who will be commanding their men in an effective and exemplary manner. This alma mater of SSB officers is situated at the bank of holy river Alaknanda, in Srinagar town of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. Srinagar has been the capital of Garhwal Kingdom till the arrival of British. Today it is an important center for learning and education.

The aim of training of AC/DEs is to mould an individual who is directly coming from civilian or college life in to a well behaved gentleman officer and bright commander by inculcating qualities of leadership, concepts of man management and various other Officer like qualities through well structured curriculum of indoor and outdoor subjects. Outdoor activities mainly focus on combat training through various specialized modules, enhancing physical endurance, developing professional skills, discipline and team spirit whereas indoor training helps in grooming mental caliber & potential of trainees to make them professionally sound and competent in order to develop dependable commanders with leadership qualities, high moral values, with pride in uniform and conduct filled with confidence to command and lead a company efficiently.

The academy has developed manifold since its inception. Under the Charismatic leadership of Sh. S. Bandopadhyay, Director, today, the academy has excellent infrastructure and all kind of advance training facilities, which are used for all round development of trainee officers and in service officers who visit us to undergo various command related courses. The training activities at academy not only transform a civilian into a physically and mentally tough person, but also inculcate the high values of character and a sense of responsibility. Moreover the emphasis also remain over developing personality, sense of comradeship, team building, sportsmanship, social etiquettes and all that which is required in the making of a fine well groomed gentleman officer.

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