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The "Images & Memories" Club

Live a moment and preserve it for eternity to cherish the memories of those sweet moments throughout the life. Photography is a boon to our civilization. Before the discovery of such a medium, human civilization was devoid of any method of visual recording or retrieving the achievement, momentous and nostalgic moments of life. But after invention of photography we can capture the moments and keep them for eternity. This hobby takes the individual close to life and nature.

"Preserve the Nature" Club

Preserve the Nature Club
Environmental initiatives are very important for our own existence. As a human being and responsible citizen we must love and take care of nature and co-dwellers of Mother Earth. The objective to establish this club is to spread information about environmental issues and to be a source of organizing cleaning up of areas, plantation drives, and conservation of energy and resources. As a government official our responsibilities are more. It is also one of the tool for ensuring community service and conservation of nature & its resources.

In the realm of vast world, full of disasters and unforeseen calamities, there is a urgent need of such a proactive group of talented, enthusiastic, esteemed trainees for doing a lot for general awareness, maintenance and upkeep of green belt in the Academy & to avoid & stop all kind of possible exploitations of Mother earth.

The Cultural club

The Cultural club
Our Nation is a vast country having numerous castes, cultures, creeds and customs. We have huge diversity of traditions, customs of various parts of the country. Still we make a single united India. To provide sense of unity despite of tremendous diversity and to explore the creative potential of the officers the Academy has a cultural society. The officers are having lots of hidden talents and desire to artistically express themselves which will enrich their life. The art and music, drama, plays etc. are the best media to express themselves and enhance the competence in life skills. The goal of this club is to promote and organize Cultural Programme / Nights/Dramas by the Trainee officers and foster better relationships in society.

The cultural club also provides an arena for the meeting of all the varied cultures of India, which is one of the significant features of SSB. The Force is constituted by the people of different regions and languages having diverse backgrounds and faiths.

"The Expression" Club

The Expression Club
Officers need to be a good orator in order to be a good commander. To fulfill these need trainees at Academy need to be developed in communication skill, public speaking and critical thinking on professional subjects as well as social themes. Therefore, the literary and debating Club "The Expression "has been instituted in the Academy. The club provides a platform to the trainees to nurture their talent and to enhance their skills of public speaking. This club has helped in the brilliance emerging out of endeavor. The club facilitates professional outlook in the trainees on various contemporary critical issues. Club channelizes their energy for gaining in-depth knowledge, analytical skills and logic along with oratory/ presentation kills.

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