Making of an Officer

Academy is grooming the crucial junior leadership i.e. Assistant Commandants of the Force for the last nine years. We, at Academy, have clear vision to train young officer to make them equipped with all tactical and physical competence, independent thinking and professional capability and competence to face challenges coming in their way while performing the border guarding duties on open and porous border infested with network of enemy intelligence and other security challenges of the nation. Thus, Academy is making gentleman officer befitting in the role of a soldier and a Border Guardian.

Making of an Officer
Making of an Officer

Academy endeavours to ignite creativity and collective wisdom to inculcate appropriate organizational ethos as well as personal values among trainees. To promote human competence the Academy strives to evolve the holistic approach for overall development and grooming of an officer. The efforts are value driven, ethical and operation orientated.

The real test of leadership is not if your men will follow you in success, but if they will stick by you in defeat and hardship. They won't do that unless they believe you to be honest and to have care for them.
--Field Marshal Slim

Through promoting the continuous process of learning Academy emphasizes on such training strategies which induces behavioral and attitudinal changes amongst young officers to make them able to face future challenges in managing porous and open border like Indo-Nepal & Indo-Bhutan. The methodology which we adopt at Academy is as follows:-

  • Arranging lectures of experts on a particular subject.
  • Demonstration of important activities, as maximum learning is caused by seeing the execution of tasks.
  • Putting trainees through practical situations to simulate better response.
  • Participative approach for deeper impact
  • Experiential learning for better impact and understanding.
  • Use of latest technologies like audio visual aids, animations, training films, documentaries, various force multipliers etc.
  • Open interactive approach with case studies and realistic professional scenario.

Outdoor Activities

Making of an Officer

The spectrum of Border and Internal security challenges has necessitated that the commanders are to lead the troops from the front. To achieve this, the officers need to be having superior physical ability; tactical appreciation and capacity to endure hardship of battle field, when they are pass out from Academy.

The familiarization of trainee officers to the ground realities of outdoor begin with the very first week of their joining at Academy. During the course of training the trainee officers are exposed to rigorous modules of PT, Drill, Assault course, UAC, routes marches, Endurance run, BPET, weapon training, sports, firing/field firing etc. Keeping in view the new emerging threats in Internal security in the form of Terrorist and Naxalite attacks, tactical exercises have become very important to tackle these threats posed by extremists groups. To make themselves ready to face these challenges the trainees undergo various tactical exercises like Ambush, Counter ambush, Naka, Nakabandi, cordon & search, IA drill, raid, patrolling, emergency drills and search & destroy operations in which they plan and conduct the operations in stimulated scenario after briefing on Eye sketch or sand model. Trainee officers are also familiarized with the latest weaponry and equipment which is being inducted in the force. A battle inoculation exercise is also conducted in which trainee officers are introduced to the ground realities of battle field scenario in the form of explosion of bombs/shells/grenades and electric/sensational experience of bullets in close vicinity.

Battle Obstacle Assault Course:-

Making of an Officer

The Academy is in the process of making one of the unique and realistic confidence courses which can enhance the skills of a trainee to negotiate any obstacle coming in to the way while performing duties in disturbed areas. Smart negotiation of obstacles multiplies the assault impact. While negotiating these obstacles the trainees develop confidence to make toughest terrain as their ladder to success.

The trainee officers are also being imparted training in Rock Climbing, Swimming, Horse riding andmotor driving. Moreover study tours to other prominent Academics with a view to develop all rounder are also organized. These varied exposures are their strength which enables them to quickly shift and adapt to variety of duties and to make them versatile.

Jungle exercises:-

Making of an Officer

Jungle Training is conducted in two phases. First phase is BOP establishment and border guarding phase in which trainee learn and understand the basics of establishment of a BOP and operations required to be performed during Border guarding. Second phase of training comprises of complex theatre based conduct of counter insurgency operations in which trainee officers learn and practice the basics of establishment of a post in CI area and various ops to be launched in such areas.

Firing :-

Making of an Officer

Maintaing the principle of one shot one enemy, Academy emphasizes on improving the shooting skills of trainee officers. Good shooting skill is vital for any soldier. For man in uniform the weapons are considered to be extension of his hand. Keeping these things into consideration, Academy is having rich resources like Pop up target systems, Portable target systems, moving targets, jungle lane shooting etc. Long and short firing ranges with marker gallery, flood lights for stress shooting, CCTV systems are available with Academy. New tactical approach towards developing firing skills is experienced very frequently. The electronic target systems which provide immediate follow up of shots and result are being procured for trainees to hone their skills.

Personality Development

Making of an Officer

There are various clubs and societies have been instituted in the Academy for trainee officers in order to groom their personality as well as to make them aware towards nature and humanities. At present Academy is having various clubs namely, "Preserve the Nature" Club, "Expression" Club, "Cultural" Club & "Images & memories" Club in order to help the trainees in bringing out their latent talent and skills.

Recent introductions/ innovations

  • Sand track training
  • Circuit exercises
  • PUF training
  • Concept of one minute drills
  • Benchmarking training activities
  • Realistic firing practices

The trainees start learning at academy with discipline in day to day life, physical strengthening through various innovative modules of PT and Assault, understanding the importance of uniform and accoutrements, importance of various drills, science and art of drills which culminates in tactical learning in jungle camp. In indoor subject they learn about various acts and rules of law, management and administration of company, management of borders, Intelligence concepts and about their duties and role of SSB.

Academy towards excellence

For professional value addition amongst officers of all ranks in SSB, the Academy is ambitious to accept new inventions and practices in the field of training in order to achieve excellence and to become "Center of Excellence". Professional value across the globe and good practices are immediately replicated with required modification to make these suitable for SSB. In near future we are endeavoring to undertake Research and Development in training fields in a big way.

Key areas to be focused up on in Managing open and porous border like with Nepal & Bhutan

  • Officers are oriented towards treating Nepalese & Bhutanese as their friend.
  • To have human and civil face.
  • Winning Hearts and mind of people wherever we are deployed with the help of perception management programmes.
  • Gender sensitization
  • Continuously strive towards training and developing men under their command
  • Officers to be repository of professional knowledge and an example to their men in professional and personal life
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