Director's Message

Life is nothing but learning, a constant movement from moment to moment. Training is an integral part of this life long process of learning. “Excellence”, as Plato puts it, “is not a gift, but a skill that takes practice. We do not act ‘rightly’ because we are ‘excellent’, in fact we achieve ‘excellence’ by acting rightly.”  It is this practice which is the aim of training. Training is a skill, a science, a sublime art which aims to bring out the latent qualities of a person. The trainer has the onerous responsibility of spotting this inherent perfection, and encouraging the trainee towards its manifestation in the best manner through constant practice.   

I deem it a  honour and privilege to have been given this responsibility as the Director of the prestigious  SSB Academy. It shall be my endeavor in this temple of learning, to create a conducive atmosphere to nurture   the talents of the young Officer Trainees, to encourage them towards the all round development of their personality. Shaping their raw talent and transforming them into Outstanding Officers dedicated to the selfless service of the nation upholding the tenets of honesty, integrity and fairness shall be the aim of my team of trainers. 

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